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I&I; Cleaner Products

Refresh Air

Eliminates odour of organic and bio substance.
Eliminates kitchen waste odor of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits etc.

Snell Nzyme Floor Cleaner

Deep and Continous action at moleculer level.
Snell Nzyme Floor Cleaner is a perfect solution for today’s floor care needs.

Snell all Purpose Cleaner

Works best in hard water by suspending the toughest soil.
It is the best suited product for daily use and maintenance of polished floor.

Snell Floor Cleaner

It efficiently retains the natural colour and sheen of stone floors.
It is a surfactant base cleaner produced for daily cleaning needs of all types of floors.

Snell Glass & Window Cleaner

It leaves the surface clean with no marks and streaks.
It can be used on multiple surfaces like glass, steel and even plastic.

Snell Concentrated Glass Cleaner

It dissolves, suspends and removes soil and dirt from glass surfaces.
Concentrated Glass Cleaner that readily removes all type of marks.

Snell Ready to use Degreaser

The product can be used on all types of surfaces.
It is solvent based cleaner dissolves grease, dust and other soil particles.

Snell Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner

It can be used on both interior and exterior floor surfaces.
It is used to get rid of stains caused by tyres, oil, grease and other contaminants.

Snell Degreaser Floor Cleaner

Snell Degreaser Floor Cleaner is a solvent based degreaser.
It leaves the surface dry and extremely clean. It effectively dissolves and lifts tough oil, grease.

Snell Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Powerful formula for removing stains from toilets and washrooms.
It can be used on a variety of surfaces like porcelain, steel, chrome and ceramic tiles.

Snell Ceramic Cleaner

Removes hard water deposits and removes lime scale.
It is more powerful as compared to sulfamic acid in removing lime scales.


Natural way to keep drainage, pipeline and cesspool clean.
It contains enzymes and microbes that dissolves silt & keeps drainage clean.

Superzyme GTM

Eradicates foul odour & Liquefies organic build-up.
Prevents drain and sewer line blockages & Restores natural beneficial bacteria.

Snell Descaler

Scientific Formulation For Precious Surfaces
Snell Descaler is formulated to work quickly and easily to restore most small household appliances to their

Snell Dish Washing Liquid Concentrated

A concentrated dish washing liquid easily cuts away grease, grime and stuck-on food, leaving your dishes, glasses sparkling clean with FRESH LIME SCENT.

Snell Ready to Use Dish Washing Liquid

Ready to use dish washing liquid. Easily cuts away grease and grime. Free from abrasive chemicals leaves no streaks on delicate