Snell Ready to use Degreaser
Deep and Continued action at work.

Snell Ready to use Degreaser solvent based cleaner dissolves grease, dust and other soil particles. Without using harsh chemicals and abrasives, the solution penetrates into the soil and removes the dirt. The product can be used on all types of surfaces. It has controlled foaming and is non-flammable in nature. Its instant cleaning action saves labour and time and it does not leave any residues.


  • Appearance: Liquid
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Odour: Mint
  • Detergency: Excellent
  • Solubility: Complete with water
  • Rinsing Properties: Excellent
  • Corrosion Factor: Non-corrosive
  • PH: 8-10
  • Viscosity: Water Thin


Wiping walls, cupboards, doors, benches and kitchen tiles.


Spray the solution on the surface to be cleaned and wipe off with a clean absorbent cloth, towel or sponge. In case of heavy dirt and soil, allow it to remain on the surface for few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with a brush or sponge, or rinse with clean water.



if the liquid enters the eyes, immediately clean the eyes with water for atleast 15 mins. Contact a physician if the irritation persists.


Do not induce vomiting. Immediately drink water in large quantities and call a physician if the problem persists.


Move out and breathe i n fresh air. Seek medical attention if the problem persists.


  • Do not use on polished and lacquered surfaces.
  • Do not use on brass.
  • Keep out of reach of children.