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Domestic Products

Liquid Detergent (With enzymes)

Suitable for machine wash and hand wash for every kind of cloths
Contains enzymes that remove stubborn stains of dirt, dust, grease, oil, blood etc. Very easily


It also removes sticky stain from kitchen surface & No need to use phenyl.
enzymes removes dust from porous of flooring & makes it sparkling.

Ceramic Cleaner

Eliminates stink & restores fragrance & no strong fumes.
Daily use will remove yellowish stains & limescale buildup makes surface shiny.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Removes limescale buildup & stains easily and makes it look new.
It doesn't release acidic fumes and toxic smell & harmless as made from mild chemicals.


Natural way to keep drainage, pipeline and cesspool clean.
It contains enzymes and microbes that dissolves silt & keeps drainage clean.

Auto Cleaner

Enhances the longevity of paint and maintains shine.
Creates a shield on vehicle that protects paint from dust & stains.

Refresh Air

Eliminates odor of chemicals and bio substance.
Eliminates kitchen waste odor of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits etc.

Dish Washer

Easily removes oily and carbon residues from utensils.
No-scrub cleaning for fragile crystal, glass, bon china, nonstck and stainless steel utensils.

Floor Cleaner

Cleans & protects floorings of vitrified tiles, granite from dirt & dust
Free from acid bleach & suitable for any surface that can be cleaned with water.

Hard Surface Cleaner (Multi Purpose Cleaner)

Can be used to remove stains of glue, bird guano, dust, oil, etc.
Easily cleans kitchen tiles, grills, fan wings, kitchen chimney, furniture, rexine etc.

Glass Cleaner

Useful to keep all types of glasses and smooth surface clean.
Cleans show room or office glasses without scratches and prevents dust and stains.