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Super Wosh

The company has a clear vision and mission of cleaning and taking continuous care of India. We believe to live in a clean and safe environment that is healthy to survive for all of us as well as for the society and the eco system. We care not only for today’s world but for the future generation and our mother earth as well. The company heads its operation from Gujarat one of the fastest growing and happening place of India. The company is proud to executing its operation out of Gujarat and believes to contribute huge to the state and to the country. We are one of the renowned names in the FMCG industry working with dynamic, demanding and valuable cleaning & washing products categories like glass cleaners, dish washer, ceramic cleaners, floor cleaners, drain cleaners, toilet cleaner, hard surface cleaners, auto cleaners, desk cleaners, liquid detergents which all are unique products with eco-friendly ingredients like enzyme based & green acid based.
We are one of the green initiators in the world of cleaning and we promote green cleaning products that are environment friendly, easy to use and fast to penetrate the cleaning & washing market in FMCG industry.


We have a sound infrastructural base, which is empowered with technical expertise as we are a product manufacturing company. Our distributor network is a promising world that guarantees fast product distribution & availability. Our marketing team empowers faster product penetration in the market place.


With the assistance of our highly qualified team we have achieved height of success in open market. As we have experienced professionals and creative people around, we are always better than the other companies. We are always in touch of new market requirements and our team ensures changing market needs, so that they can grow along with the market.